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Learn Indian music online | Indian Music Online Classes

About us

We are a dedicated team of Music professionals teaching music through Skype online lessons for the last 10+ years. I am going to throw a little bit of introductory light on how this whole concept of learning music through online works.


If you really think deep enough by venturing out your wildest dreams or say the passionate fantasies of our life, Most of us always wanted to learn music at some point of time or the other, isn’t it ? So Were we really lucky enough to have actually gotten into that very interesting process of learning music?. Well, due to many practical reasons or say thanks to the other priorities in life, the majority of the dreamers just maintained it as a dream rather than actually transforming the fantasy into real. The reasons could be like you don’t find enough time to actually go to a teacher Or even worse there is no teacher available in the location that you live and so on.


So, what other alternatives we can possibly think of to make this a reality today, rather than just repenting about failing to do so, in the past. Well, thanks to technology, these days many people opt to try their hands in music by learning from an online tutor. Not just music, any subject for that matter. There are umpteen number of YouTube videos or Google articles, documents, websites and what not?. The only issue is that we won’t be having a fool proof mechanism to help compliment our learning process and to reinvent the wheel again in terms of many topics from time to time by ourselves without guidance by an expert, is too tedious / time taking thus ending as a futile attempt. Before we realize we kind of digress from the original intention to learn stuff online, we tend to get diverted to other subjects.


So how do we help solve this problem? All you need to have is a computer, a Webcam, a Microphone, a music keyboard, a stable internet connection and last but not the least, Lots of interest and passion to learn music.. As a student, you can sit back, relax in the comforts of your living room in front of the computer and learn music from the lessons that we offer. Many people to begin with are a little skeptical about how this will work to learn music and is it really effective compared to learning in person etc. Well it actually does and they realize and appreciate that fact much sooner than later once they begin learning.


We do teach Western theory of music, Western Piano, Western Keyboard, Carnatic Keyboard, Guitar and you can as well learn the film music and devotional music.

What you are seeing in our display picture is the teaching studio setup with a static webcam fixed on a tripod there and this is where the lessons are going to happen from. We are a team of dedicated, sincere and talented musicians cum music teachers conducting lessons for Carnatic Music, Film Songs on Keyboard and Western Theory of music and Piano Lessons for Trinity College of London Syllabus through Skype online. I(Nagaraj R) do the western music lessons and Gururaaj takes Carnatic keys.

We believe in serving to the larger population both in india and abroad by teaching them a very fine art of Music. Our students right now are from various countries like Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, UAE, UK and USA.

Our faculty is committed to the development and growth of the students both as artists and as individuals.


If you’d like to get in touch then give us a call on +91-99529-80040 or through our contact page.