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Syllabus – Indian Music Online Classes.

Theory of music – Western

  • Basic levels – Grades 1, 2 and 3.
  • Intermediate levels – Grades 4 and 5
  • Advanced levels – Grades 6, 7 and 8
  • Composition and songwriting.
  • Calibration between western and carnatic styles of music.
  • Mentoring and guidance for Trinity College of Music, London – Theory grade exams. (These exam syllabuses provide an incremental and a very comprehensive perspective and approach to an otherwise complex jargony associated with Music and are supported by well formatted workbooks. Theory  knowledge ameliorates the student’s practical studies and playing abilities). 

Instruments – ( Piano and Keyboard )

  • Basic timing exercises for thorough and complete mastery of different rhythm combinations in music with various time signatures.
  • Fundamentals of playing both hands on the keys.
  • Hanon’s “The Virtuoso Pianist” exercises for acquirement of agility, independence, strength and perfect evenness in all the five fingers in both hands.
  • Scales and Arpeggios – Fingering for the major and minor scales in all the 12 keys.
  • Simple rhymes, pieces and film songs, Both hands playing – Melody on the right hand and Harmony(Bass and chords) on the left.
  • Advanced western classical pieces, film music and famous songs from different genres across the globe.
  • Mentoring and guidance for Trinity College of Music, London – Practical grade exams


  • Fundamentals of guitar playing and fingering exercises which helps in understanding the anatomy of the fret board better.
  • Basic rhythm timing lessons  / Scales / Arpeggio fingering exercises.
  • Lead guitar – Plectrum Style.
  • Chords basics and theory.
  • Playing rhythm guitar and chord progressions
  • Western pieces and popular film music – Both lead and rhythm.
  • Mentoring and guidance for Trinity College of Music, London – Practical grade exams.

The grade exams suitability will be decided by the teacher based on the progress that the student makes from time to time.

Carnatic music – Keyboard

  • Introduction to the common minimum utilities and functions in the keyboard.
  • Basic fingering lessons in five carnatic ragas MayamalavaGowla, ShankaraBharanam,  KaraharaPriya, Thodi and Kalyani in 3 speeds with rhythm sync.
  • Playing notes in 3 octaves – Lower, middle and upper octaves.
  • Film songs, bhajans, patritotic and devotional songs.
  • Background Scores for advanced film songs with an insight about chords.
  • Sarali varisai / Jantai varisai / Dhattu Varisai/ Alankaram
  • Theory of the rhythm in carnatic(Seven thalaa’s with its corresponding five lagu varieties)
  • Geethams
  • Swarajathi
  • Varnams
  • Notation writing
  • Keerthanas
  • Advanced functionalities in the keyboard like pitch bend, portamento etc.

Music programming

MIDI and audio recording / editing in Acoustica Mixcraft – A professional DAW.

Pullanguzhal Kodutha Moongilgale – A live concert recording | Indian Music Online Classes

Pullanguzhal kodutha moongilgale – A live concert recording.

Myself – Gopi ( Nagaraj R ) in Rhythm Guitar and Gururaaj R in Keys and effects, accompanying BhMurali’s Shreeraagam ( in a concert few years ago.

Devadhai Ilam Devi – A Vocals cover | Indian Music Online Classes

A casual singing effort of this evergreen classic.
Song: Devadhai Ilam Devi
Movie : Aayiram Nilave Vaa ( 1983 )

Original Composer: Ilayaraja.

Vocals and Orchestration by Gopi ( Nagaraj R ) – Indian Music Online Classes.

“Mamma Mia” – A simplified version(Keys) in the scale of D Major | Indian Music Online Classes

“Mamma Mia” song by ABBA – A simplified version for the keyboard in the scale of D Major.

Learn how to play the song Kadhal Oviyam | Indian Music Online Classes

Learn to play the song “Kadhal Oviyam” in the Piano.

Learn to decipher and understand the rhythm skeleton of music

Learn how to identify the time signature 5/8 | Indian Music Online Classes

Learn how to identify an unique time signature called 5/8 from the deluge of songs that we listen to.

Learn how to play a simple exercise in the Piano | Indian Music Online Classes

Learn to play a simple both hands exercise in the scale of A minor.

Some basics about the notes and octaves in a Piano | Indian Music Online Classes

Learn to play “Romance de amor” song | Indian Music Online Classes

Learn to play “Romance de amor” song in the keys with chords accompaniment.