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Chords and Raga – Article 1

A small analysis on how to make out different unique chords (atleast the basic types if not advanced added chords much) using the notes of a particular scale or raga of the carnatic System.

for example : let us take the janya ragam Revathi in the key of C.

The notes used in this scale are C, Db, F, G, Bb and C again.

Let us go note by note and see what are the chords that we can possibly bring out using them as the tonic of the chord.

Note C


1. C5 ( C and G )

2. Csus4 ( C F G )

3. C7sus4 ( C F G Bb )

Note Db


4. Db b5 ( Db F Abb or G )

*5a. DbM7b5 ( Db F Abb or G C )

Note F


6. F5 ( F and C )

7. Fsus4 ( F Bb C )

Note G


8. Gdim ( G Bb Db )

9. Gm7b5 ( G Bb Db F )

Note Bb


10. Bb5 ( Bb and F )

11. Bbm ( Bb Db F )

12. Bbm6 ( Bb Db F G )

13. Bbm(9) ( Bb Db F C )

*5b. Bbm6(9) ( Bb Db F G C ) same as DbM7b5 but inverted gives it a different name though 🙂

So just 5 degrees(notes) in this raga and we can atleast make out 13 chords in this…May be few more…i guess perhaps…

Wondering how many would be possible in a Melakartha Ragam where there are 7 notes in the scale.

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