” Dear Gururaaj & Nagaraj

Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.

Teachers like you who are as passionate and enthusiastic about music will sure bring the best out of your students by giving consistent feed back and encouragement needed.

It was a joy to be your student . Wishing you all the Best in all your endeavors.”

Katyayani Suryadevara
Tucson, AZ, USA

” The Skype classes are extremely clear and taken in a good and convenient way also easily understandable.

The online classes are quick and comfortable.

The main logic is to practice, as it is said practice makes a man perfect, it is the same here.

The theory lessons carried out by the student should be scanned and sent to the teacher for corrections and to see if the taught lesson is understood or not, as per our convenient time.

On skype, if the teacher sends an important message and if the student forgets to note it down or print, the message remains there for further reference.

The main plus point of the online classes is that no matter wherever the student and the teacher is, still the classes can be held.

According to me learning music by online is a better, faster, comfortable and convenient way of learning music. ”

Vasudevan Upendran
Riyadh Saudi Arabia

” The big advantage of online classes is that you get the full attention of the teacher and the learning is quick” – this is what i realised after attending classes with Nagaraj R. ”

Janakiraman S
Coimbatore India

” Learning music when you are staying away from india is a challenge to find the right method and teacher.

Nagaraj sir has made it very easy on students who would like to take online classes.

The classes are conducted through skype and it is nothing different from sitting next to your teacher.

All you need is to sit beside a computer with your instrument.

The classes are very comprehensive,global material and best fit to the needs of the student.

Tips and best practices given by the teacher helps you through. i strongly recommend NRI students to go for it. ”

Uday Prakash D
Nivelles, Belgium

” It was an experience doing the online classes. At first, I was skeptical about online classes and was wondering how it was going to be.

I was wondering it will be difficult to do an online class as with music, specially. The very first class threw away all the inhibitions and worries and made me comfortable.

All those thoughts vanished and it became a cake walk.

Nagaraj, the teacher was at his comfort best and made the student also feel the same and gave a good introduction to the lesson and to the strategy and it was good one.

I wish all those who are to take the lessons good time learning and a good time experiencing music in an enlightened way.

The classes are fun and at the same time informative and effective. Inspite of my travel schedules, I was able to take my classes at my ease and continue!
All the best! 🙂 ”

Kavitha Kandaswamy
Bangalore India

” My son Chaitanya has been learning online keyboard with Shri R Gururaaj since the last 2 years.

He has helped him in understanding the various nuances of carnatic music on keyboard in a very structured, understandable and step by step manner.

Shri Gururaaj’s enthusiasm for his craft comes through in every session .

Each class is challenging, creative and most importantly fun.

He also makes sure to motivate my son and push him past his perceived limits to get the desired results. ”

Mrs Vani Vinayak
Isle of Man,

” I am learning Keyboard last 2 years via skype. Skype piano lessons are just like regular one-to-one lessons, face-to-face with a teacher.

My Teacher Gururaaj sir is very friendly and flexible. He has a very good experience to teach Keyboard.

I really enjoyed the class and learned so quick to play Keyboard ”

Pulan Mahesan

I appreciate the best satisfying Online Carnatic Music learning experience from Indian Music Online Classes. The online music classes have been a great convenience for the people who are busy like me. I thought it would be tough to devote the time to learn music initially when i started. But it is easy to learn through online with my Music Teacher Gururaaj. He is so flexible .

I am feeling much happy & inner satisfaction these days. I know it has come from the devotion of teacher and my interest towards learning the music .

My best wishes to Gururaaj sir.

Sudhakar babu Naidoo Varikuti
Munich, Germany

I have started dreaming about Music World since childhood, never got an opportunity to learn in correct manner. Somehow I googled and found about Indian Music Online Classes and got in touch with Guru and Gopi. They are great passionate teachers I have ever met. Very Profound and clear knowledge of what needs to be taught and what pace should they keep for student.I had a good rapport with both and started learning Keyboard, It was roughly in 2010 and I still amaze looking back the basics, that those days made me what I do today or i better say what I can do today. Really helpful lessons, so clear vision of teaching, in depth knowledge of both Music Masters introduce to my dream world in reality. Today I can play Keyboard with little ease, I was able to read sheet music for certain period, I can play Harmonium and can sing along. The teaching is not bound to to just the lessons they gave you, it’s always about finding your self in Music – they helped me a lot. Understand Rhythm, beats and the pitch(shruthi) and make you feel the emotions! Brief is, I learned a lot from my inspiring both teachers, It was really pleasure learning keyboard, understand music within and around us, technically both Classical and Western. Had a great start up and geared up my self.

Thank you Again!

Krunal Patel
Morgantown, West Virginia
I always wanted to learn music instrument but some how it has not happened here in Moscow(Russia).

Some months back i found online music classes then i wrote a mail to the concern mail id. Immediately i got response..I was thrilled, but still had doubt “online class kaisa rahega”. I requested for demo class and it was so comfortable. I found so interesting and one to one between teacher and student.Total focus on one student which does not happen in regular class so much.

Gururaaj and Nagaraj Sir are so friendly and they know the art of Online Teaching Methodology very well. I never felt Language and Geographical Barrier.

I wish them good luck and teach many many more students in the world as music is one language which anyone can understand.

Where words fail, music speaks.

Vanita Anandakumar

Dear Gopi Sir and Gururaj-Ji,

Due to my busy schedule and hectic work-load, I took some time off from the Keyboard classes (am planning to take in near future), so it has been a while since I saw or spoke with you. But now suddenly it occurred to me that, although I am not in direct contact,I could help or express my gratitude towards your classes by writing a small testimony.

so, here I go :

Being very much fond of music, I always dreamed about playing one of the instruments, but never got a chance to go to music class. Online classes helped me to overcomes those geographical limitations. To be honest, as far as the classes were concerned, I was a little-bit doubtful about learning music over a computer screen. How does a teacher knows whether am I playing right or wrong? How can I understand what teacher explains on a screen? How can I cope up with the new notations?. Well, all these questions just melted away, when I took the first class.

I loved the teaching method of Nagaraj Sir. He was were very kind and patient during the class and always being supportive is one of his qualities that I liked the most. He is just perfect !! He make a really good healthy environment for learning and then adjust his teaching speed according to the need of student. Both theory and practice goes in parallel, which I think is best way to taste a candy!. As far as Skype is concerned: Speed is pretty good and importantly the lesson &/or notes remains in the chat history if the student want to recollect what has been taught in the class. On a special note, I felt the same as quoted by the Composer Baha: “The art of music is divine and effective. It is the food of the soul and spirit. Through the power and charm of music the spirit of man is uplifted”.

I think, this mail is getting much longer than I initially suspected, so i am not gonna boar you guys anymore.

So, thats all I need to say at the moment !!

With Gratitude

Chinar Pathak (Ph.D Structural Biology)
Seoul National University, South Korea