1. Teaching Studio
  2. Theme music
  3. Kanne Kalaimaane – A live concert recording
  4. A guitar song
  5. Audio files
  6. The monkey land song
  7. Rhythm and time values
  8. Learn to play “Aura Lee” song
  9. Learn to play “Abide with me” song
  10. Learn to play “Ode to Joy” song
  11. Learn to play “Flash back” song
  12. Learn to play “Romance de amor” song
  13. Learn the key names and octaves in a Piano
  14. Learn how to play a simple exercise in the scale of A minor
  15. Learn how to identify the 5/8 time signature
  16. Learn to decipher and understand the rhythm skeleton of music
  17. How to identify Time signature 7/8
  18. Learn how to play the song “Kadhal Oviyam”
  19. Learn how to play “Mouna Ragam Theme Music” on the Piano
  20. Circle of 5ths – Music Theory
  21. Love story – Cover
  22. Lullaby – An original composition
  23. Learn how to play the song “Love is blue” on the keys
  24. Learn how to play the song “Love is blue” on the Guitar
  25. Learn how to play the song “Scarborough Fair” on the keys.
  26. Learn how to play the song “Siciliana”
  27. Learn how to play the Titan Theme music
  28. Learn how to play the Largo theme
  29. Kuthu songs medley
  30. Deva deva kalayamithe
  31. Vasantha varnam
  32. Ganesa Charanam
  33. Raja Raja Chozhan Naan
  34. Sangeetha megam
  35. Gavotte in G Major
  36. Ninaivo oru paravai
  37. An instrumental tribute for Ilayaraja Sir’s Birthday
  38. Mamma Mia (ABBA)
  39. Devadhai Ilam Devi – A vocals cover
  40. Ain’t She Sweet? – An Instrumental Cover
  41. Alice in Wonderland – An Instrumental Cover
  42. Pullanguzhal Kodutha Moongilgale – A live concert recording
  43. Uravugal Thodarkadhai Prelude – An Instrumental Cover
  44. Eagles Desperado – An Instrumental cover
  45. Skeleton of a Film song – Explained.
  46. Raga and Chords – Sivaranjani
  47. Interlude – An original composition
  48. Kodai Kaala Kaatre – A Guitar Cover
  49. Bhoopalam Isaikum
  50. Netru Illadha Maatram – Tutorial
  51. Thulli Ezhundhadhu Paattu – Tutorial
  52. Mukunda Mukunda – An Instrumental Cover
  53. Basic Timing Exercises for Piano – Two against three.
  54. Malar Pola Malargindra
  55. Chura Liya hai – A Guitar Tutorial
  56. RimJhim Gire Saawan – A Vocals cover